Busko Zdrój


The first document mentioning mineral waters  in Busko dates back 1252. Busko  Zdroj  is located just 48 km from Kielce. This is the most sunny spa in Poland, valued for its sulphide waters and beneficial insulation conditions. The spa lies on the outskirts of the town where the historical Marconi sanatorium is located, surrounded by the beautiful spa park.

Main diseases to be treated:  dermatological, heart, neurological and rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic disorders, cerebral palsy

Natural therapeutic resources used in medical treatment: mineral waters, iodine-bromine brines, sulphide waters (H2S+HS 20-45 mg/l), therapeutic mud

Treatment facilities: spa sanatoriums, spa hospitals with physiotherapy centre, fitness centre, swimming pools

Facilities for disabled people:

accommodation with roll in shower rooms, the outside surrounding areas very suitable for disabled people

Attractions: Busko Music Festival (June-July), Busko Folklore Meetings May

Location:  239 km from Warsaw