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Małgorzata Tokarska Potwierdzenie członkostwa Przedstawiciel Organizacji Czym jest ENAT?

Dear Sir or Madam!

How many times have you told yourself: “I want to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben in London someday” or “I would like to visit Poland, but traveling is difficult for me?” Now we can make your dreams come true! You can visit the most legendary corners of Europe and Poland. Get to know interesting places that you only know from photography and television. We will help you in this. We have been operating since 2009 and we are the first travel agency without barriers for people with disabilities.

Our mission is to provide clients with comprehensive and comprehensive tourist services regardless of their age and type of disability (with an emphasis on tourists with reduced mobility and people with intellectual disabilities) so that adventure-rich travel takes place in comfortable conditions.

We prove that age or disability is not important. Even when you move in a wheelchair, on crutches or with a cane, you can be sure that the world is open to you. We organize trips in the country, rehabilitation and leisure stays, trainings under EU projects at the request of non-governmental organizations, informal groups, integration and ordinary schools, PCPR also for individuals

We invite you for trips abroad. Through us, you can safely go to almost every corner of Europe and not only, individually, as a family or as a group. We have already been to Estonia, Russia, Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania and Spain.


  • people with locomotor dysfunction
  • blind and visually impaired people
  • deaf and hearing impaired people
  • people with intellectual disabilities
  • everyone who wants to travel with us.


  • one-day and multi-day trips around Poland on request for groups
  • trips and holidays abroad: by coach and by plane in the country and abroad in facilities comprehensively adapted to the needs of the disabled
  • trips for ordinary and integration schools
  • stays in Spa centers and stays in rehabilitation centers
  • the possibility of renting rehabilitation equipment
  • assistance of a disabled person’s assistant
  • programs ready or developed for individual orders. By using Accessible Poland Tours

Our clients are guaranteed help in overcoming all barriers and obstacles which they could encounter using other non-specialized travel agencies. We have carefully checked every route and accommodation conditions for disability.

Preparation of this type of event requires (in advance of several months) to specify the specific needs of customers such as the number of rooms adapted for the disabled, booking transport, admission tickets, etc. therefore advance booking is recommended. Because each type of disability is different, and hotel facilities also offer different types of facilities for a disabled person, please describe your needs when booking your trip. It will allow us to plan the event in accordance with your expectations and health needs.

We hope that fully satisfied with our services, you will want to come back to us.

Małgorzata Tokarska Accessible Poland Tours