Konstancin-Jeziorna is a summer holiday resort lies in a pine forest near Warsaw. Due to  the closest to Slomczynskie, Chojnowskie and Kabacki forests people can  benefit from  climatic conditions. The spa, sparsely built-over with beautiful historical villas and little palaces,. In the spa centre, a twig tower releasing brine vapor was built in Zdrojowy Park in 1980.

Main diseases to be treated:  mobility and rheumatic disorders, neurological, respiratory and heart diseases, orthopedic and traumatology disorders

Natural therapeutic resources used in medical treatment: 6.7% bromide brine, chalybeate brine.

Facilities: sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 437 beds, a Health Ministry clinic, STOCER Rehabilitation Centre, Handicapped Education Centre

Attractions:  Numerous artistic events are held in the spa park in the summer.

Facilities for disabled people: accommodation with roll in shower rooms, the outside surrounding areas very suitable for disabled people

Location: 20 km from Warsaw